Neutralise or Get Neutralised


Market disruption is a lot like saloon brawls in a western movie; you see the tension building and hope that reason prevails but the opposite happens. Chaos erupts in the establishment and everybody’s caught up in the fight. You dodge a chair tossed in your direction only to get in the path of a punch intended for someone else and the culprit now follows up with uppercut punch and a kick in the gut. You have no choice but to neutralise him along with everyone else in the salon who threatens your survival.

I greeted the (above) Standard Chartered advert in Today’s Business Daily with a smile. The insurance companies and agencies may have seen the flying chair tossed by the competitor insurance agencies but not this uppercut punch from an establishment regarded as a neutral party. I witnessed the same kind punch when I attended a Marketers’ Night at Nairobi Hospital’s new state of the art convention centre that is open to hosting global conferences, trade shows, concerts, celebrated stage productions and anything that the hotels have used a bargaining chip. We witnessed Safaricom disrupt the banking sector with Mpesa and internet services with their home fibre.

Either start the brawl or be on the lookout for the tension build up. Make your move in time to defend your wellbeing and neutralise any threats to your survival. Nature abhors a vacuum, occupy or get occupied. Good luck!

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