Storytelling: Been Naughty?

IMG-3911The art of storytelling is key in inviting an audience to journey with you to the desired destination. Politicians, parents, motivational speakers, preachers, journalists and every other person with the desire to influence an outcome use it.

Businesses take the same approach when putting a message across to its customers and prospects. Remember “Mimi ni member”– Equity bank, “Twaweza”– Safaricom, “Utahama Lini“- Daily Nation and ‘Magical Kenya’– Kenya Tourism Board. Their stories draw us to reflect our status quo, be inspired to do more, laugh a little or just be thankful for the little things we take for granted. They cause us to connect our life experiences to them, we make room for their stories in our hearts and minds. Now that is great storytelling.

This thought process was triggered by yet another advert in the dailies; this time around it is the household brand, Bata. I saw the above ad on Friday 30th November and could not comprehend it. Ran it by a colleague who could not make heads or tails of what Bata meant by “BEEN NAUGHTY?”. This is a creative design guru who makes a living from bringing marketing campaigns to life.

It took me a minute to connect the “BEEN NAUGHTY?” statement to Santa Claus and by extension the Christmas season that is here with us. If you have been a naughty boy or girl this year then you know Santa will not gift you anything so you better go to yourself and your family some good shoes at Bata. That was my interpretation of what Bata intended to say to its customers.

A few lessons we can learn today is, keep the customer in focus throughout the entire storytelling process, keep it simple and finally its a head and heart journey so make it worth their investment.

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