Mr. IamNairobi


Election year is around the corner, this a good time for candidates seeking public office to start making their intentions known to their constituents; before the airwaves are filled with campaign rhetoric, and our walls smeared with posters of strangers seeking political power.

I made a decision to do this piece after stumbling on Hon. Sakaja Johnson’s I am Nairobi post on Facebook. I clicked on the link to a website with a sign up form, sponsored by ‘Organising for Nairobi’, Sakaja for governor of Nairobi and no more information on what ‘I am Nairobi is or who Sakaja Johnson is. I then pulled up my laptop to see if I could get more information from the same site since I imagine perhaps the mobile site was limited but it was a dead end.

There is a couple of things that Hon. Sakaja needs to do different in his quest for governor of Nairobi, as far as his communication is concerned. One is to acknowledge that he has three audiences: those that don’t know (ignorant), others that know and will cheer him on but are not convinced he is the right person for the job (skeptic) and lastly, his supporters; that have everything to gain or loose from the outcome of the elections (loyalist). Hon. Sakaja’s communication team must inform the ignorant, persuade the skeptic and keep the loyalist happy.

Second thing is to use various communication platforms to present the following:

  1. Factsheet on Nairobi: The good, the bad and the ugly
  2. Information on county government of Nairobi: how it should  ideally work
  3. The role of the Office of Governor of Nairobi: it’s a relatively new position
  4. Formally introduce himself to the ignorant, the skeptic and the loyalist
  5. His plan to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly that define the county and to demonstrate what Nairobi will miss if they did not elect him as the next governor.

Lastly, I would say communication is a two way street. Be accessible to people from all walks to life, become their voice and be involved in their everyday lives. Let the ‘I am Nairobi’ campaign be a channel by the people and for the people, a safe place to share their fears and find hope for a brighter better Nairobi.

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