Uber With A Pinch of Salt

Africa and community go hand in hand, a little “inconvenience” here and there from family, the extended family, inlaws, friends, friends of friends that we have just met is what enables us to connect and grow  community all around us. I have met life long friends, made fresh connections  and gotten business deals from unplanned car-pool or hitching a ride to a social gathering.

But change is in the air, we now call up Ubers to pick our moms from bus terminals, long lost friends from out of town jet in with no notice, our friends and children are picked up and dropped off by strangers in clean cars via apps we dial from the comfort of our homes. “Why can’t you Uber?”is our answer to a call to connect, to invest in relationships, to be a little African.

I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water because there endless beautiful things that have come with Uber that can fill book or two. What I am calling for is conscious engagement, to find a balance between relationships and convenience. Take the Uber revolution with a pitch of salt.

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