The Mike Tyson Way

Mike Tyson, a living legend that caught the attention of the world. He is probably the most phenomenal fighter of all time. He now rests in the shadows with a moving life story of a man that defied all odds to become champion of the world. Today I draw a number of lessons that jumped at me as I watched the moving documentary of the champ.  Here we go:

  • Destined for Doom before he had an opportunity to speak for himself

Mike Tyson’s story starts from the tough crime prone Brooklyn streets growing up to become a thug in order to survive. It was the only way to go and all roads led to prison for the average young man that had that hood for his home.

They way only one out of five companies live to see their fifth birthday and only one in ten gets to see their tenth. It is a harsh harsh unforgiving world that guarantees the failure of your business before your business or product has a chance to speak for itself

  • A visionary draws out the champion

It took a visionary to draw the champion out of the hard core thug by focusing him on the future that Mike Tyson would never ever see on his own. He spent three months meditating and setting his mind right before he threw a single punch. He spent hours and hours watching the champions of old and memorizing every move to make him a weapon against all that stood in his  way.


Your business or department must be focused on a core, a brand essence that will differentiate it from others that surround. It’s the hours spent in research and development that will make your brand unmatched in the presence of your competitors and position it for a destiny bigger than the natural.


  • Nothing to live for any more

Tyson become the champ of the world after his trainer, coach and father, Caster. had died. He lived the dream that was made possible by the strong foundation laid down. No one could stand his way; nothing but his pride, indiscipline and love for women.  He achieved his dreams and there was nothing more to live for. His wealth came and went away, his name tarnished in rape charges and divorce and his respect in the ring dragged in the mud… He was reduced to a nobody.


Success without a plan beyond the wealth and the affluence is a recipe for disaster as pride negligence and assumptions court you and jeopardize your destiny. You must define the way to walk, the values in relation to experience and institute strong structures of leadership and accountability that will handle the danger that surrounds success.

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