Why prospects are not taking interest in your company profile.

“When you do organisation profiles, do they need to come edited or do you work through the reducing of words etc. to fit well in the profile.” was the question from a friend. My answer ” 90% of the time I edit the content because many businesses go on and on about themselves instead of addressing the pain points of the prospective customers.”

Your typical organisational profiles have the vision, mission, values, history of the organisation, product and services and a host of content that many times feels like what a candidate would say on a first job interview. Your prospects have no interest in your vision, mission and the other things that do not address their here-and-now needs. Part of the reason they are not interested in your profile is that it is focused on you you you and how you are better than your competition.

Sometimes we forget the reason we have their attention is to demonstrate our understanding of the role we are interviewing for and we have what it takes to get the job done.

Here is a simple formula:

  1. Say hello and introduce your organisation’s mandate
  2. Demonstrate your understanding of their pain/needs
  3. The reason you are the best choice- approach, method, team and value on offer
  4. Provide engagement options that fit different scenarios. Customers love options.
  5. Guidance on what next now that they know what they know.

The company profile is many times the first or second customer touchpoint, therefore, it must be short and succinct. The content must be written to evoke an interest and desire to engage the company and not just for information sake. There is a crop of wordsmiths called copywriters in the creative space whose sole purpose is paint pictures with words that draw your customers to act on your pitch. These work in tandem with brand & graphic designers to deliver profiles that win the hearts of your prospective customers.

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