Witty Miguna

I stumbled on this video and totally loved it. Its refreshing to see Miguna Miguna take on issues on a light note. ‘Dr’Kingori did a fantastic interview!! It took me to back to my definition of a brand- “The sum total of perception of customers and prospects.” Perception is the key ingredient in decision making. Perception resides in our hearts and in our minds, it is what we compute as reasonable or just feel to be right or sometimes most selfish thing to do or  in some instances instinct kicks in. It is important to take charge of the perceptions you are forming by your word and deeds.

Let me take the point home before it gets lost in many words. I can draw three things from the short clip that can help Miguna’s 2017 run for Nairobi Governor, first is what he did in this show, have a conversation at the level of the citizenry-to let us know that he sees the world as the masses do. Second, is move a step further and show clear paths- source of resources and ability- to a create a better Nairobi. Lastly, build a believable story around the reason why he is running as an independent candidate and why that would work in favour of Nairobi. I am curious to know how he will run the county government with a MCAs split between Jubilee and NASA.




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