How to Write Your Purpose Statement

A friend asked for my help to craft a life purpose statement. Yap! one that captures the essence of who they are and what they live for. I asked them to use my tried and tested method of first crafting a bio and then deducing a purpose statement from it. Here goes.

It usually takes four sessions get the job done but we are going to squash it to one sitting. First, explore to explore your story since you were a child, go on to experiences and lessons that have shaped and credited you with the skills you possess and then explore what you would want to change in the world if you had all the resources to execute it.

Finally, look at what tools and platforms you need to continue on your life journey successfully. Some of them will include a bio, your CV, a pitch or mission statement, the kind of people you need to team up with and the channels you will use to engage your world.

Now that you have all the ingredients, here is the writing guideline:

The first paragraph must capture words that anyone and everyone who knows you will use when describing you to a new person or when they are talking about you

The second paragraph can then dive into your skills and what you get paid to do by your employer or your customers

Then you move on to discuss things that drive you or given a choice what would you do to every waking moment

Lastly is the things that are in your circle of concern and you are hoping will become part of your circle of influence in collaboration with others… it will be a dream come true if you saw these happen.

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