MPESA for Church please!

Dear Safaricom,

I would like to say thank you very much for providing the MPESA service. You have made my life fantastic in ways words cannot capture as I shop at the supermarket, fuel at the station, pay for electricity, sort out the boda-boda guy and even borrow some cash to sort out an emergency. The cashless life is so great I naturally gravitate towards businesses that have a ‘Lipa na Mpesa’ option.  You have given me convenience and for that I say thank you very much.

I thought to highlight an area that may need your attention; I was in church this past Sunday and was caught off-guard when the preacher man announced it was time for us to give of our tithes and offering. Because your excellent service made me retire my ATM card and MPESA agents are closed early Sunday mornings, It makes it made it impossible for me to respond to the call for giving.

That got me thinking; is it possible for you to tailor an MPESA service for the churches. One that will allow the millions of converted MPESA users to use the service at church. The reason I say tailor-make for church folk is because the giving principle in the bible recommends anonymity when giving of our tithes and offering. For that reason I would not like my number or name not to appear on the Church records when I use the service.

I know you will figure out how to go about. I look forward to the announcement and enjoying the new service.

Kind regards

Benjamin Luta.


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