Get over your ASK Show Hangups and go make some money at the Nairobi International Trade Fair


H.E. the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, admires the Champion milk goat at the livestock parade, moments after he declared the Nairobi International Trade Fair officially open in 2013. Photo courtesy of

Yes I said, get off that road that is filled will warm memories of ice-cream, shades, paper caps, dusty paths, loosing track of your parents, the cows and goats, jam sessions and all the other things come out of your mouth year after year when you see the Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) billboards, adverts or when someone explains to you why there is loads of traffic jam on the roads this week.

I happened to be the Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) this past Monday after many years of postponement and I must say it was worth the time. It was a whole new  experience walking into a stall as an adult and listening to the exhibitors put up their best act so I could buy into their brand promise. Every other representative I met blew me away by the innovation, relevance and contribution to the the country’s growth and development in whatever small or big way. I noted down opportunities that right down my isle for business and consultancy and picked contacts of individuals both in public and private sector who are normally tucked away in some offices far out of reach. The best of the best in the region, in Kenya, in Nairobi and Foreign countries with some to offer Kenya were all assembled in one concentrated area and all you have to do is enter the space. All industry leaders a walking distance from each other and ready with information about anything and everything you want to know.

It is no mistake that the organizers changed the name from Nairobi Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK)  Show to Nairobi International Trade Fair. This year the fair has attracted participants from Kenya, Uganda, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, China, Ghana, Israel, and many more. This are are the best of the best in the respective industries under the them ‘enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security and National Growth. It emphasizes the need to focus on hardwork by farmers, industrialists, the business community, investors and developers so as to create wealth, stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty in line with the government policy.

The above sounds very well thought through because it is lifted of the introduction document I received from the 2014 Trade Judges Briefing this past Saturday. I was privileged to be appointed as a trade judge this and I must say is the second best thing that happened to me in the third quarter of this year :-). I was glad to join the other 130 volunteer judges on a mission to find the best exhibitors in 47 Trade classes this past Monday.

Some of the Stands that interested me on Monday are:

  1. Kenya Defense Forces (KDF)- look out for their revolutionary Diesel cooker and the upcoming dry foods factory in Gigil all courtesy of Kenya Ordnance Factories
  2. Kenya Prisons have some headway in food production and saved the  government round about Ksh 4 billion out of the 6 billion budgeted expense.
  3. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is the home of inventions and innovations. They left me proud of being in Kenya because of the endless opportunities that the land offer.They are worth a second visit
  4. Equity Bank fitted very well a caring and listening partners as the representative expounded on what the members have been able to do with a boost from the Equity agents and branches. They future of banking is mobile and this guys seem to be on the right path.

I will be back at the NITF tomorrow in the capacity of a normal mwananchi this time around. I look forward to making new acquaintances, getting enlightened by the exhibitors and using the information to be of service to the organisations present in the future in exchange for some fat cheques 🙂


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