Who Said Mercedes Benz is overrated?


Think about Intel,  Apple Computers, M-PESA, Adidas, Equity Bank,  Mercedes Benz and the many other brands that distinguish themselves from others by placing a symbol of quality on their products or places where you access their services.  These symbols are a mark of quality, a guarantee that you will receive the promise they made to you. If the brand were a person then the symbol would be their signature.

Consumers like you and I look out for these signatures when shopping and willing to by-pass others, even when they are offering the same or better quality at a cheaper price. I would panic if didn’t find Kiwi shoe polish at the Supermarket and ready to disagree with anyone who said they had bad service at Java Coffee House or that a Mercedes Benz is overrated.

Mercedes sign on a car is a symbol of precision in design both in performance and beauty, its the best thing one can spend their hard earned money in exchange for speed, safety, luxury, timeless value and great class. It is without doubt one of the world’s greatest car brands. Anyone that points a finger at a Mercedes and says Mercedes is overrated has an uphill task to prove it.

I put my trust in these brands enough to purchase them without the need to verify over and over again that they are the real deal, brands save me both time and in some cases money. It is the reason why some unscrupulous individuals manufacture counterfeit products to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers who have trust in the signatures.

Great signatures also referred to as logos embody the heart and soul of the brand, they connect and win the hearts of the masses because they symbolize quality service or product that is served without fail. The symbols are a combined effort of time and visualization skills of a talented graphic design team and a good brief fronted by the owner of the brand.

A decent logo cost as low as Ksh. 50,000 (USD 600) or as much as ksh.1,000,000 (USD. 11,500) in the case of one of the telecom companies in Kenya or Ksh. 56 million (USD. 644,000) for 2012 London Olympics logo. Go Creations have a standard logo package that includes a guide for application on various platforms for Ksh 87,000 (USD. 1,000). They will be having discounted ‘ Identity Open Season’ between September 15th – October 15th and January 15th – February 15th for startup brands 🙂


6 thoughts on “Who Said Mercedes Benz is overrated?

  1. Brand matters for as long as the promise is delivered, the slightest unattended mistake can cost the brand. Reputation is infallible and needs to be maintained. Mercedes does it well

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