Reason for Walking | Running for a Reason

wakimbiaji 2012

I am  focused on this year’s Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon, it will be the sixth time in a row that I have been up on a bright  Sunday in October to run for a reason. I was ambitious and foolish to do the half marathon in 2008 with no practice at all and wearing brand new trainers that I had purchase the previous day. It was a nightmare that I directed and produced, I limped all the way to the finish line.  Let’s just say that I stayed away from 21Km race for three years only to return last year and enjoy the experience.

I am reminded of the excitement surrounds the parents’ run in school sports days. They are all so confident that they will take off like a bullet when he gun goes off but much to their surprise they are not as fast as they may want to imagine. It always ends up as the unintended comical feature of the day.

Here is a resource to help you get ready for the marathon so you are not shocked that you were not able to run as fast as you imagined you would. Back up with your confidence with tangible evidence that you can actually step up and take off like a bullet

Oh I almost forgot, You are invited to join the new facebook community funpage  for the the Nairobi Marathon.  Come on! and show some support by liking


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