An email to my ‘chama’ at conception

Dear all,
Thought to share a word or two ahead of tomorrow’s meeting with regards to investment group. Think of 2020 (7 years from now), how old will you be, where will you be living, your lifestyle, what your net-worth (all assets to your name) will be and perhaps what you will be doing with you life and your contribution to your family, community, industry and perhaps Kenya’s vision 2030.
Look around at the people who are about the age you will be in 2020- those you admire and those you think should have known better. What can we learn from them and ACT NOW!
We have an opportunity to create our 2020 through this vehicle that we are calling ‘investment group’. We have an option of making it one of the many ‘kiosk’ chamas we put our hard earned money into and end up purchasing one or two assets and waiting to see what will happen or creating a entity that will convert our savings into an active army that goes out and brings more money in. If an active money army is what we are going for, how far are we willing to go to make it happen- beyond 5,000.00 spare change that will work better in a mutual fund than in the savings account we will open at the Bank.
Will we be brave enough to create a future that exposes our shortcomings in terms of money habits and draws us to make plans to fix them. Are we committed to this enough to redirect our monies from other plans, committed to raise capital from family, friends and fools, and when we fall short to approach financial institutions like our office SACCOs and banks. The overall win being the realization of FLAGSHIP projects lined up to  financial freedom.
Our strength is not in how many we are or how much we collect but in the clarity of our common vision of 2020 and our individual and group commitment to achieve financial freedom.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it”- Abraham Lincoln

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