Nobody DID what anybody could do

“There was an important job to do and everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but nobody did it.  Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s  job.  Everybody thought anybody could do it but nobody realised  that everybody would not do it. It ended up  everybody blamed somebody  when when nobody did what anybody could’ve done”

I thought the above recalling a old acapella song that points at the danger of living through life expecting that someone else will take responsibility for a very important task, only to end up in the reality of a nobody did. Any one who has played team sports can attest to this kind of loss any or every time there is no clear agreement of who is gonna take responsibility.

We have few days to end of the voter register registration process I congratulate every Kenyan who has spared fifteen minutes to walk or drive to one of the hundreds of voter registration centers set up all over this great country. Thank you!

However the heart of this post is focused on you who are the millions of eligible voters who are settling in indifference and thoughts that it is a done deal. You who have hang ups about the participating in the electoral  because you remember the thousands that gather in political rallies and the millions in shags who seem to have a definite ethnic leaning. You say to yourself ‘why bother’- they will elect so and so because they are majority.

I dare you to step out of your inaction, to get out of your ‘anybody, everybody’ attitude because nobody will speak for you at the ‘ballot box’. The first paragraph of this post will be true come March 4th 2013 if you think somebody will act in your interest when electing leaders into office.

Here is my call to you all to empower yourselves with your vote now and spend the next two and a half months interrogating the intentions and delivery capacity  every candidate who gets on the podium to seek public office.

Kenya is a democratic State… in a democracy the community (you and I) elect the public officers (political) into office and they into provide an environment for the State to thrive (economic). When the community fails in participating in the the electing her leaders into office everything and everyone pays dearly.

You cannot afford to be a neutral and inactive nobody who didn’t do what anybody could do


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