He says: I love mukimo

Money money money… money *the apprentice song is playing in my mind* makes the world turn around. We may all not be aware of the fact that each of us possess attitudes, philosophies and habits that shape how we view and interact with money and the idea of wealth. I am sure you are wondering what that has got to do with mukimo, traditional Kikuyu dish served at all their major ceremonies. You have to trust me it has nothing to do with my love for Ivy’s cooking.

The Mukimo I am talking about refers to saving, investing and spending of money as ‘ours’ and not mine or yours. The Mukimo is the mixture of potatoes, green maize, beans and pumpkin leaves mashed into a solid dish  served with a cup of black tea. You cannot in anyway make a decision separate the potatoes or maize from the rest. My friend Joe has the privilege to have financial mukimo with his wife; in riches or in poverty they stand together.

I love mukimo and I am working towards having that as our official staple food at home. We are currently enjoying Githeri in the name of joint bank accounts from which we plan our expenses and investments. Unlike mukimo, it is possible to pick out the maize or the beans from the mixture. It is easy for Ivy and I to plan our individual finances, on the premise of what we think we are entitled to based on what we deposited the accounts.

Before we adopted the githeri as our meal, I would prepare my rice and stew while Ivy would come with chapati and green vegetables. We say grace and eat. Once in a while I would dig into each others plates. In case either one of us was in lack we would share the available meal.

There’s one last financial meal plan, an elaborate African cuisine that promises to bring happiness to the family but is so demanding in terms of skill, values, time and energy. It must be prepared with caution and team play; lest you lose the family you  are working hard to provide for. It is classic case of the absentee spouse and parent who gets engrossed in the cooking process and misses the point of the meal- love!

BALANCE and PRIORITIZATION are the key words when planning and cooking meals with loved ones. I say let love inspire you to whip up the best of meals and when you do get to sit down to eat, bon appetit!

photo courtesy of http://www.johnramseycomedy.com/chakula-cha-kenya-kenyan-food/


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