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I am tired of the status quo
Tired of the norm I have settled for
Exhausted by the mediocre thoughts that surround
What is this truth that we embrace?
Who are these that draw the boundaries?

I refuse to fit into the mould made by men
Rebel against the conclusion made about me
He is just like that they say to one another
We all have weaknesses, it human you know
What can come out of Nazareth they retort?

I quit being a prisoner of thoughts that bind
I quit walking in the company of thieves
My accomplices in stealing my employers time on the net
I stand up to be counted as the hardworking dude,
Not the Christian that plays gospel music at the office

Wisdom shall be my sister and understanding my kinsman
To pick up the habits of my mentors and men of great
Reading from theā€¦

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