Nation of Doers?

It just dawned on me how you can be crippled by a habit or character you loath and consistently speak against with conviction. You are not armed with the necessary tools to evict it  therefore you sink deeper into its hold with every effort to free yourself  until you are silenced by the obvious defeat that now defines you.

Think about institutionalised corruption in a nation. Kenya for example is ranked as one for top ten most corrupt States in the world. Kenyans receive the corruption report with shock year in year out yet they continue to fuel the vice. They once believed in the zero-tolerance campaign round about ten years ago but are still crippled by the broken and corrupt systems and its operators.

This thought was inspired by the progress I have witnessed in the office recently, efficiency and a do it now attitude is slowly taking over the place of procrastinating culture that had made its home in the team. We had a nation of good ideas and plans that never see the light of day but not any more.

I will look deeper to see what has caused the sudden shifted but in the mean time I celebrate William, Clive and Melody for a job well done. Kudos! Perhaps I will have a recommendation to Kenya once I crack the code that has made us smile at the office.

Your beliefs are betrayed by the things that you are becoming- Dave Mavia


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