Politics is no game, it’s your life and future

I have been to a number of on-line and offline forums discussing the future of Kenya and majority of the people seem to agree on the fact we are at the cross-roads again. We are gripped with uncertainty as politicians fight it out stay in office seeing that we will have elections within the next 12 months. This particular race is special because we have no clear candidate who can boast of having majority support.

I am no political  journalist so I will definitely fail in creating a long fancy article that highlights issues you already know,  leaving you high and dry with no commitment as to what direction to take in this crucial time. However; let me paint a picture of the gap and opportunity that exists here in.

The professional class, the business people, the white collar executives, the tech labs innovators, research institutes and millions of other Kenyans hold this economy together by their sweat. You, yes you and you who aspire to have a piece of the land, yes you who needs a stable peaceful environment so as to go after the Kenyan dream. You plan to stay here, you have no overseas accounts and properties as an insurance. Yes, you who is connected to issues of the masses but choose to distance yourself from hardships and plight that the kawaida mwananchi faces everyday as they struggle to make that a hundred shilling make ends meet. You sometimes read the newspaper and watch news on TV as a spectator never forming an opinion that will push you to act against the injustices that surround.

Kenya is at the crossroads and it beckons for the real mzalendo to take his or her place in the process of shaping its future. Are you too busy doing  business to finance a candidate who will bring real change, too committed to your job to hold a position in public office, so focused on your private practice to help the normal mwananchi be more informed when he or she  goes out to vote next time?

Here is an idea for you dear Kenyan, a chance to participate in THE REAL KENYANS FOR KENYA, a campaign to collect financial and human resource from Kenya’s private sector including the ordinary mwananchi to support candidates of repute in taking up public office in the coming general elections. What would become of Kenya if we levelled the playing field to accommodate the passionate Kenyan leaders who shy away from the polls because they do not have deep pockets? [email me if you have clue of how we can make ‘The Real Kenyans for Kenya’ campaign work]

Leadership and positions of influence is not a privilege accorded to the few that have billions to hire stadiums and helicopters to go around and give the usual empty promises.

Politics is no game, its your life and future therefore your business.

I say its about time you (the middle class) get off your neutral gear and engage in opinion making forums on the ground, in our homes and at the work place. You do not need a stadium or a chopper, you have the internet and physical access to the security guard, the mama mboga, the house help and other millions of Kenyans who have a vote to cast in the next general elections. You have a chance to be be the representative of the people, to engage in protecting the vulnerable masses from prejudiced and selfish opinions that are characteristic of our tribal chieftains and lastly to go out and cast your vote come the elections.

What are going to do with your vote and your voice in this crucial year of elections?

photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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