achievement formula: add multiple and square

Here is an inspiring piece from Timothy Ngalawa

It is a challenge to rise up above ourselves with a believe that we can make a real change and transform our society. I have a theory that there are three levels of achievement: Addition(+), Multiplication(x) and Squaring()x

This is what majority of us seek and dream of doing. We want to do more than what our parents did. We want to buy a house, have a car or two and leave a good inheritance for our children. We will also want to support a few in need of school fees or for a worthy course.

This is rarely done. Here the individual has taken an idea, an asset, a product etc and made it productive and of use to many. They have created a whole process in which value is added to the product and to the people involved. Most importantly, it has brought some benefit to the society and even the count(r)y.

This is a key level that determines a lot. This is a person who has purposed to ensure that Multiplication takes place. They have probably mentored, taught and encouraged Multipliers in the society. Ideally, these are found in authority/government and are ensuring there is a conducive environment encouraging Multiplication. They have ensured the right laws are in place, there is justice, there is full support for starting up something new, growing it and maturing it to the point where it can be exported.

Let’s seek to rise above ourselves…….


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