Start ups: A lesson from Prezzo

What are you known for? what are you selling to your customers? what do you get paid to do? are important questions when doing reality check as you plan the next step in your business. Many businesses start of with a plan of what they will do but get to practice something else. It is important for the custodians to make adjustments to match what they promise to deliver and what their esteemed clients get to experience on a day to day basis.

A good example of a brand that promises one thing and delivers another is Prezzo the Kenyan music celeb. I  struggle with the thought of classifying him as a musician. His money speaks way louder than  his voice. He can work  the best music producers and do the creative videos with the who-is-who but he is yet to convince me to spend a cent on his album or concert. I have not heard any of my peeps saying going to his gigs, I don’t know the lyrics of any of his songs except for the one where he says ‘mafan nawapenda wote’. If you were to ask me  who Prezzo is, I will tell you he is a celeb who happens to go to the studio to records some music.

Businesses like individuals have a heart and soul therefore every entrepreneur must take the time to explore, discover and connect with soul of their business  and to do everything in their power to match it with the daily operations so it reflects the reason for being in the business in the first place.

When you clearly spell out solutions and meet the needs of your target audience  then  you will be privileged to occupy a space in their minds that is labelled… holiday package, strong teeth, healthy breakfast, financial freedom, motor vehicle purchase, new computer, money transfer and so on. It follows naturally that they will be your loyal customers who will associate you to fulfillment of a need they have. It is this that gives you the money and the much deserved reputation as a solution provider.

My advice to Prezzo and to all the other brand custodians is deliver on promise you make to your fans and all these other things will be added to you.

“When there is an original sound in the world, it makes a hundred echoes.”- John A. Shedd


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