Proud Africa Magic Ambassador

African film directors and producers put in their all to deliver flicks for you to have the time of your life yet you greet them with a ‘can do better attitude’ of a die hard Hollywood fan. I am writing to inform you are you are part of the market that dictates what appears on our screens and if there will ever be an African movie grossing a quarter of a billion dollars in sales worldwide.

Many of us wouldn’t be caught dead watching a decent African movie. The million dollar question is what must the directors do for you to flock to the movies or spend a few shillings to purchase an original DVD to enjoy the rich indigenous plot that is so close to the set up in shaggs or city neighbourhood?

The present and the future of the entertainment industry- film, music, theatre, literature, poetry, fine art- in Africa is in your hands. It is your choice to spend your hard earned money on locally produced entertainment features that will create opportunities and hope for richer and better productions.

Adjust your entertainment taste buds to indulge Nollywood and Riverwood, go out to the movies when you hear there is a locally made film or play and drum up support for more locally produced sitcoms. Order for an African music CD, movie DVD, book and spend some good money on a fantastic piece of fine art.  Be part of the movement that will create a reputable African entertainment industry by being its biggest supporter and  a proud brand ambassador.


5 thoughts on “Proud Africa Magic Ambassador

  1. Thank you for this incisive post. Yes, we need to rearrange our taste buds.

    While production/film quality needs improvement across the board, I do know that Africans need to learn to support our seventh art, better.

    We cannot drool over Hollywood/Bollywood, then sabotage Nollywood et al. by violating the copyrights of African movies. Africans being the supporters and brand Ambassadors of their movie industry is definitely something to aspire to.

    By the way, what is Riverwood?

    • Thank you for taking the time to give your contribution to the argument for African movies. Much much appreciation for the support. ‘Riverwood’ is the Kenyan version of Hollywood. It is curved out of the name of a downtown street in Nairobi, Kenya called River Road that receives and distributes local media.

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