Google +: Keep your enemies closer







Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.Sun-tzu.

That is the lesson I learnt as I watched google plus arrive with a BANG! as the ultimate social networking platform that would give Facebook, twitter and other specialised networking sites a run for their money. This was it, the one stop of all your needs that allows you to interact with the world smartly well thought out circles, streams, sparks, hangouts as well as connection to the thriving android platform… and news that Mark  Zuckerberg was on google plus made it very clear that a war was imminent.

Six months later…. ‘my google plus is a ghost town’ is what my colleague said once. We often go in there expecting to see something or find someone but its empty. Google+ matched into the connecting, sharing, tagging and chatting space with solutions to privacy concerns and rigidness of multiple sign ups with solutions that its ‘enemies’ did not attend to and the social networks responded to it by introducing new features that kept their uses loyal.

Google+ is what Bing was to google when it was launched, a loud neighbour who must prove himself over time. There is more to the success of a venture than product value add features, a soul  embodied in the passion that drives it to produced exceptional experience. Google+ must have the developers behind the scenes constantly offering refreshing solutions to the dynamic consumers and above all keep their ‘enemies’ closer


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