Life Lesson: Busy is not Business

Learnt over time that a day, week and month can pass by so fast leaving me with nothing to show because I was busy being busy. No one is paying me to look like I am always out of time. I have no gun to my head while I eat breakfast. I am not an ambulance driver on my way to rescue a soul in the balance. Yes I can take the time to call loved one in the day and I can pause to enjoy my lunch. Life sometimes passes by too fast that I can’t tell you how my day, week, month and year was. Today I pause to reflect on what will make today a win.

I intend to win today so I define what is most important to me and focus on it as far as career achievement, relationships- God, love, family and friends, long life- health and nutrition, travel and leisure.

What is a great day for you?


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