Meter Watching: Fast growing hobby in Nairobi

I love joining discussions about the new prepaid KPLC electricity meters, “haven’t you heard there are those from China that work and some from SA (the slender ones) which will steal your hard earned money from you. Do you have a clue of how the billing is done?  I hear Robin Hood is in town so, the heavy consumers pay heavily for their comfort gadgets. Rumor has it that if you reload your account on Sunday, when the money market is on recess then you get more units than on any other day of the week. Is it true that there is a constant monthly service charge of KSh. 120.00 for the first fifty units at KSh. 8.00 and the rest goes for Ksh. 18.00?

The uncertainty and fear of the prepaid system has given birth to a new hobby in Nairobi; Meter Watching. This is the new practice: when you wake up, after ironing, using the blender, after stepping out of the shower, when you leave for work and when you return. Sometimes I wonder if we are on the lookout for faults not that KPLC has given us may reasons to mistrust them. We have been groping in the dark because of black outs and now in ignorance of the prepaid meter system.

When a company or individual takes charge of the communication channels he resumes control of what people perceive and gains the good will of the public, while the opposite creates a vacuum that breeds fear and anxiety in the consumers. It is the reason why overwhelmed customer care representatives receive numerous, unnecessary calls and visits to Electricity House.

All is not lost though, I say the managers of the new KPLC brand must take initiative in informing (educating) Kenyans on benefits of the new prepaid service as well as, give them information on the consumption of house hold gadgets, power saving habits and the truth about prepaid billing system.

It is futile to have a new brand identity (logo) and not fix the other components of the brand that make the service experience WOW!


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