Start ups: Best office ever

The best office that you can ever offer your business is a mind or in some cases minds (a team)  that continues to dream, strategy and implement plans. This is contrary to what budding entrepreneurs have on their wish list. Some go to the extent of investing huge sums of money to procure office space at a location they consider prime and then buy furniture and equipment to impress their prospective  clients only to end up in a  race against time to repay of the ‘assets’ they procured.

Of course the case I have presented is not applicable across board because there are ventures such as restaurants, jewellery stores, malls and banks that ‘must’ have that prime location to reach a particular target group. The point here is that physical office is secondary to the mind office.

The best office for operations resides in the mind of the entrepreneur. Each entrepreneur must do everything  to make sure his or her mind has the features of a global  CEO’s office with the essence, strategy and operations in place.

‘Every battle is won, before it is ever fought’- Sue Tzu


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