Lifestyle Eclipses

A lifestyle eclipse occurs every time one aligns values (beliefs) to lifestyle and life-goals.

I have observed that I have so much fulfillment when I take deliberate efforts to work organizing my day and week to match my values and focusing the two to make progress towards the bigger picture in life and the opposite when the three are in conflict.

This thought cuts across everything in life from where we live, what we eat, who spend our time with, what we read or not read, what we spend on or how much we save/ invest and  the websites we visit.

Our lifestyle choices influence who we are and what we are doing now;  this will in turn influence what we will be two years from today. Good luck, fate and blessings have their place: I do not protest that, in short, my position is that, it is up to you to deliberately create lifestyle eclipses on a regular basis so that the alignment of the three will propel you to your desired future.

Don’t bet your life on the lottery


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