No Thank you, I do not need the Green card

Today while settling down at the office I stumbled on a easy 1-2-3 application for Green card. I was tempted to fill it out,  what would it hurt to spare a couple of minutes to fill out, you just never know and moreover it would be a chance to gain some exposure… and I went on and on justifying the application. I was brought to a halt by the thought of the hundreds of lives and businesses that I have served at Go Creations, the thousands of entrepreneurs who are waiting for my nudge to step into their dreams and the hundreds of mediocre middle level companies that need support to emerge as top notch firms that build the Africa economy.

It would be suicidal to trade my legacy in the land I love and would build whole heartedly for a life of comfort as a worker.  Nothing will draw me away from the African front lines, I am a general complete with an infantry team in the trench lines, snipers on the rooftops and my own commando team ready to respond to rescue missions, hostile takeovers and humanitarian. I choose to stay right here and fight for the dreams of our children, to live a life worth making a making legendary movies long after I am gone. I shut down the site and said no thank you, I do not need the green card to work in your country.


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