I still feel that a very important ingredient is missing every time I listen to or read the Airtel ad on why we must move from whatever other network and we will keep our prefix and number. I think I can speak for most Kenyans when I say that M-PESA is it, its the one element that keeps Kenya glued to their first love Safaricom. The the Airtel ‘Hama’ campaign is like three years late because we are not in it for the number but the value add that comes with the Safaricom brand.

My free advise to the Airtel Network is that they must take the war to where the battle is fiercest, MONEY TRANSFER.  Focus on educating Kenyans on ZAP money transfer and perhaps they will think about letting go of the brands they hold on so dearly because of the limited knowledge of inter-network transfers and other features that go into making it possible to continue with transactions at no extra cost or inconvenience of not  finding a ZAP outlet.

I say focus on ZAPPING MPESA and you will have a chance at winning the war


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