Innovation: Keep it simple

‘Samsung Omnia my new baby… I am nokian n now must learn samsungish… I need a dictionary’ were my words late at night as I navigated about the Omnia stumbling on facscinating features but unable to set up appointments for the week because I couldn’t figure out how to  change the time format to 24hr.

I love inventions that are designed to compliment my natural tendencies, something with an easy learning curve that allows me to build up on what I already know so I can achieve more for less be it time or finance. I am willing to pay more for a cab so as to get to my meeting in good time, more chums to a consultant who will show me how to do more in the same 24 hours that flee so fast.

You know you have a winner when you transform our way of life with something  that blends with what we have first and then help us jump over any obstacles. Examples of this include the telegram to sms, post mail to email, type writer to computer, telephone to cell phone, horse chariot to motor vehicle, steam engine train to the bullet train, cassette walkman to the apple ipod.

Back to my Samsungish predicament I say good technology providers anticipate you natural tendencies and make their product available for you…advancement must comes with simplicity as they meet the need.


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