My Notes: Holland Presentation- Norfolk Hotel, 9th Nov. 2010

Holland Presentation- Norfolk Hotel, 9th Nov. 2010

The presentation attended by about 200 guests from all walks of life including investors from Holland, beneficiaries of the PUM and PSI programs. The moderation of the talks was co-chaired by Mr. Patrick Obath representing KEPSA/ FKE. I learned a couple lessons from attending the talk:

1.       PUM exists to give result oriented expert assistance to small enterprises (with a under 10,000 euros turn-over) and have been in existence for at least two years. It is a volunteer organization autonomous from the Netherlands government loaded with 3,500 senior experts in 70 different fields reaching over 70 countries. They had three sample organizations- The Art Cafe (restaurant), Uchumi Kenya (maize millers) and Workmanship Production Ltd (transport). More information on them is found on the website: The Kenyan representatives are Bernhard Marteus-0722515219 and Annermiek V.B. Berg-0733605639

2.       The importance of running an organization with credibility raises it value and muscle to operate and grow to its full potential. We must take time to have clear operations procedures, record keeping, staff well, a clear plan (mission) and end picture. This are important elements that will make assistance, partnership internal and external.

We are going to set ourselves up a face that makes the world want to be associated with us by defining a clear end- picture, mission and working everyday with that in mind. PUM and other organizations of the same nature will want a piece of the action.

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