Net-worth Network

Net-worth Network

I have learned over time to make family out of the world that surrounds me, to be authentic and play life as a team sport. To make family of all who  stand by my side,  fight off adversaries  and on occasion pause life’s fast pace  to dream of a possible bright future irrespective of dark Grey clouds that threaten doom.

It is this family that speaks well of my creative skills, passion for excellence,  memorable experience working with my team and a  promise of integrity that is a shared family value. This extended family that continues to grow is what I refer to as my network

Right next door is my dear friend Lucy, a respectable individual who’s a clear example of someone who has net-worth working for her. I have witnessed her marshal all manner of resources to create and drive ideas to reality. Her version of family is movers and shakers who confirm their commitment to a cause by signing the cheques.

She is an excellent collector of net-worth, with sincerity of heart she connects and impacts all that catch her attention. She is diligent at her work and goes beyond her call of duty to make things happen. Her competence is doubled up by her drive to achieve dreams that are way way out of her league. She’s got net-worth army ready to act whenever she says ‘consider it done’

I aspire to grow my family’s net-worth to become a legion of officers that get the job done… I recognize that it starts with my character and competence.


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