Listen, they are saying something

One way to know you have a home run with a campaign is when the public understands your message enough to use your product name or tag in their day to day lingo. I stumbled on a definition that cracked me up. The girls say pesa pap is sugar daddies, m-pesa is husbands and m-kesho is the everyday joe who promises that he will be something in future and who have the damsels believe that.

More reflection on the same subject got me thinking of the importance of customer feedback as I thought about Safaricom’s ingenious ‘okoa jahazi’ and ‘please call me’ the serve the purpose of aiding in times of need but could embrace the beneficiaries. I have overheard complains from friends that returned please call me requests only  to realize there was no emergency to warrant it. Another case of one insisting to make a phone call as opposed to being sambazwad airtime because he had okoad jahazi and was too embarrassed to say it in the first place.

The one lesson I draw from these observations for anyone running a campaign is to keep your ear on the ground so you make adjustment and manage the perceptions of the general public to work for you. It is a money back guarantee on the investment of time, ideas and the money sunk into the development of the product and the campaign to sell it.

Does anyone know about semeni and pepea na… something? well, I guess the data campaigns are yet to catch up


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